Pmbok 6 cheat sheet

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Pmbok 6 cheat sheet

Closing Ouchi: Theory Z. Motivated by commitment, opportunity advancement. Pareto Diagram: Identify problems and frequency. Risk Management Just in Time: Reduces inventory; requires additional quality control. Earned Value Management Kaizen: Small improvements to reduce costs and improve consistency.

Develop Project Charter 2. Develop Project Management Plan 3. Perform Integrated Change Control 6. Collect Requirements 8.

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Define Scope 9. Create WBS Verify Scope Control Scope Project Time Management Define Activities Sequence Activities Estimate Activity Resources Estimate Activity Durations Develop Schedule Control Schedule Project Cost Management Estimate Costs Determine Budget Control Costs Project Quality Management Plan Quality Perform Quality Assurance Develop Human Resource Plan Acquire Project Team Develop Project Team Identify Stakeholders Plan Communications Distribute Information Manage Stakeholder Expectations Report Performance Project Risk Management Plan Risk Management Identify Risks Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis Plan Risk Responses Mind maps are effective tools to help learners understand and memorize difficult concepts and associations.

A helpful way to understand associations and relationships of discrete concepts and facts is through the use of mind maps. A mind map is a diagram used to visually organize information. A mind map is often created around a single concept, drawn as an image in the center of a blank landscape page, to which associated representations of ideas such as images, words and parts of words are added.

Major ideas are connected directly to the central concept, and other ideas branch out from those. The major benefit of mind maps is to tap into the strong visual memory of human by stimulating the right brain. Reading plain texts alone would require the left brain only and the right brain is shut off.

pmbok 6 cheat sheet

Through the use of visuals, color, images, graphics, symbols, space, etc. The best part is that the concepts learnt in this way will retain in the brain much longer. However, making mind maps would take a lot of time and efforts. And there are also considerable skills involved. All the common ITTOs are illustrated with icons and color coded with different backgrounds.

By following the visual construction, one can easily recreated the whole mind map in their minds. In this way, you do not need to memorized the ITTOs yet you will be able to recall them when needed. Hat tip to Kim. But many other questions may require your understanding of the ITTOs indirectly. The mind maps would be a definitive tool. If you find this post helpful and if you are thinking of buying from Amazon, please support the running cost of this website at no extra cost to you by searching and buying through the search box below.

Thank you very much for your help! Edward Chung aspires to become a full-stack web developer and project manager. Edward shares his certification experience and resources here in the hope of helping others who are pursuing these certification exams to achieve exam success. Great information as I begin to plan for my studying.

Could you please send me the PMP mindmaps? Thank you.

pmbok 6 cheat sheet

Hi Fabulous stuff! My only grouse — I liked the page but still could not unlock the Mindmaps. I will be grateful to you, if you could forward me Mind Maps.I too struggled with what it s the best cheat sheet. I reviewed many and found none that fit my needs. They're everywhere on-line. I finally developed my own and I have seen a variety of these data dumps. At least one has a wrong formulas vs Colin's daily email formula from today.

I see an inconsistency between Jan 17, Below are the most updated discount coupon codes for these courses:. Understand formulas and calculations for the PMP exam in an easy and If you' re creating a PMP formula sheet for your exam revision, there are a few more Here you can download a PMP Formula Study Guide that you can be certain has the correct formulas and acronym descriptions, a cheat sheet pocket guide, and Facts you need to know before applying to take the pmi-acp exam and how important are your agile project experience to achive the pmi-acp certification.

Your Sample "Cheat Sheet". Free PMP Resources. Dozens of Hand-Picked Links. Dec 19, Download PMP formula sheet and Apr 14, May 9, Feb 15, We'll discuss these formulas in detail but first, have a look at the quick PMP formula sheet. The below given PMP formula sheet represents the Nov 28, If you are interested in pursuing a career in project management and don't know where to start, here's your go-to guide for salaries, skills, and Feb 3, I passed the PMP exam and to say that I did it without any help would be a lie.

I used the first 30 minutes to craft my cheat sheet formulas, the Sep 10, With so many project management abbreviations floating around in briefs and professional literature it can be hard to keep track. We explain Apr 10, Apr 5, Results 1 - 10 of Project management guide on Checkykey. The most complete project management glossary for professional Project Management Cheat Sheet.

The most complete project management glossary for Know earned value formulas and their application inside out. If you're creating a PMP formula sheet for your exam revision, there are aScope Baseline 2.

Project Documents 1. Expert Judgement 1. Expert Judgement Inputs Change Control 3.

Cheat-Sheet-PMP as PMBOK 6.pdf

Agreements 2. Project Documents Updates 2. Data Analysis 2. Bottom-Up Estimating 1. Business documents Inputs 4.

[Free Download] PMP Certification Resource: PMP ITTO Mind Map (PMBOK Guide 5th Edition)

Enterprise Environment Factors 3. To-Complete Performance Index 3. Analogous Estimating 2. Agreements 1. Project Management Plan 5. Organizational Process Assets 4.

Project Management Information 4. Parametric Estimating 3. Enterprise Environmental factors 2. Data Analysis 3. Work Performance Reports 1. Schedule Network Analysis Outputs 6. Organizational process assets 1. Project Management Plan 4. Change Requests 2.In a nutshell, create a cheat sheet before your PMP exam starts!

pmbok 6 cheat sheet

When you arrive at the Prometrics centre, you have 15 minutes to learn how to use their computer software. This 15 minutes does not count towards your 4 hours of exam time. During this 15 minutes, you will go through a Prometrics tutorial, where you will learn how to go forward to the next question, go back to your previous question, mark a question for review, and submit your test.

The computer system is pretty straight forward. If you use an exam simulator like the ones we have at ExamsPMyou should already be prepared for the Prometrics test simulator. The software is quite similar.

It would be more productive to use 5 minutes to go through the tutorial and 10 minutes to create a cheat sheet. Before you enter into the Prometrics exam room, you will be given 2 blank sheets of paper legal size: 8. You can use the front and back of both sheets… so you sort of have 4 sheets of paper.

You can use the space on these two sheets of paper to do calculations or write notes during your exam.

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Use the space on these 2 sheets of paper wisely because if you want more paper, you will have to give back the 2 original sheets. For all intensive purposes, assume you are only give 2 blank sheets of paper for the exam. When you are writing on these 2 sheets during your exam, be careful of your spacing and font sizes.

Before your exam formally starts, use 10 minutes of your tutorial time and 1 sheet of paper to draw yourself a cheatsheet that you can refer back to during your exam. It may also be a good idea to use the process chart as a photo for your screensaver or desktop display weeks before your exam so that it acts as a constant reminder of what you are trying to memorize.

You may be nervous for the big day because, after all, getting the PMP is a big deal. If you suddenly forgot something in the middle of your exam, you can cheat off of your cheat sheet. On your cheat sheet, you can write down everything you think you may need a quick reminder of during the exam. Creating a cheat sheet is the simplest and fastest way to increase your test scores dramatically.

Write out everything you think you may need to know during your exam.In fact, such a sheet is useful for any kind of test. The excel sheet is quite different and much more beneficial from anything else that you might have seen. It contains dynamic content that is immensely useful for the exam study.

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I have written this post to explain the utility and features of my ITTO cheat sheet. If you think that the spreadsheet will be useful for your exam prep, you can buy it by clicking on the button at the end of this post. Alternatively, you can download a free pdf version of PMP process charts to study for the certification exam.

The pdf file is 13 pages long and has the same content as the excel sheet but it lacks dynamic features of the excel sheet. As per Wikipediaa cheat sheet also cheatsheet or crib sheet is a concise set of notes used for quick reference. A cheat sheet has abridged information on a particular subject or topic.

It can enhance and accelerate your learning. A regular ITTO sheet like my free pdf process chart has static and non-searchable data. It has process charts and ITTO.

It is definitely useful for the exam prep but my excel sheet is more useful. The excel sheet that has dynamic content. It shows only relevant content based on your search. You can look at the figure below to understand how it works. You can use the excel sheet to select any of these terms from the drop-down. The sheet will dynamically show the content related to your chosen term. A regular cheat sheet is handy and very useful. You can use it for memorizing and cross reference.

But the benefits stop there. The cross referencing across knowledge areas is slow and time consuming. When you are studying the PMBOK Guide or any other reference book, you need to go back and forth between chapters for cross reference.

Master the ITTOs for the PMP® & CAPM® Exams (6th Edition)

You need to constantly look at terms in other knowledge areas and understand the relationships between these terms. My spreadsheet, on the other hand, has dynamic and searchable content. It scores over the pdf process chart. You can use it as a regular chart for memorization and cross-referencing. But you can go beyond that. By using my spreadsheet, the cross-referencing becomes quick and easy. You can quickly look at the relevant terms across knowledge areas in a single view.

It not only accelerates your learning process but also enhances your retention. You can traverse across multiple knowledge areas in a matter of few seconds. In addition, you can find out which output of one process is being used as input in another process es. You can form relationships between processes across the knowledge areas and process groups.

My excel sheet will enhance and accelerate your learning process. You can buy it by clicking on the button below. You would need to use a combination of memorization, logical relationships, reasoning, and analytical deduction to answer the PMP questions. The excel sheet aids in all these things.Business Documents 2.

Agreements 3. Enterprise environmental Factors 4. Organizational process assets. Project charter 2. Outputs from other processes 3. Enterprise environmental factors 4. Execute the work defined in the project management plan to achieve requirements in scope statement. Project management plan 2.

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Project Documents 3. Approved change requests 4. Enterprise environmental factors 5. Deliverables 2. Work performance data 3. Issue Log 4. Change requests 5.

Project management plan Updates 6. Project documents updates 7.

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Organizational Process Asset Updates. Project management plan a. All Components 2. Project Documents a. Lessons learned register b.

Project Team Assignment c. Resource Breakdown d.

PMP Formulas Cheat Sheet

Structure e. Source Selection Criteria f. Stakeholder Register 3.

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Deliverables 4. Enterprise environmental factors. Lessons Learned Register 2. Project Management Plan Updates a. Any component 3.

Organizational process asset updates. Active Listening b. Facilitation c. Leadership d.


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